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Maddie: "So... Sup?".
Diggie: "Stuff."
Diggie and Maddie

Diggie Smalls and Maddie Rooney


Dating, In Love With Each Other



Portrayed by

Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron

Diggie and Maddie are close friends and are dating. They were originally the main romantic couple of the show, alongside Liv and Holden.

They are portrayed by Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, who were engaged in real life (see: Dove and Ryan (relationship)). However, Choose-A-Rooney was filmed before they got engaged.

Relationship History

Maddie and Diggie’s relationship starts before the first episode of season one. Before, they liked each other for a long time. Both of them love and play basketball. Both, Maddie and Diggie are the captains of the Porcupines basketball teams. Maddie states that Diggie is just as competitive as she is. Besides that, they have a lot of similarities.

Maddie confesses to her twin sister Liv that she likes Diggie but doesn’t want to ask him to school dance incase he rejects her. Liv then disguises herself as Maddie and asks Diggie to the dance, however Diggie says no and says he doesn’t like her in that way. Later that day, Diggie confesses to Maddie that the only reason he said no was because he knew it was Liv. Maddie is shocked but Diggie states “your sister has your face, but I know you Maddie” . Diggie then proceeds to ask Maddie to the prom and she says yes.

Together they attend the school dance in Twin-A-Rooney. They start being "officially 'in like'" for the first time in Move-A-Rooney, in which Liv also outs herself to be a 'Miggie' shipper. Soon after, in BFF-A-Rooney, they officially started dating. Maddie’s father Pete becomes very protective over Maddie when she starts dating Diggie, but soon warms up to Diggie.

After Maddie gets accepted to Junior Olympics in Flashback-A-Rooney, it is revealed in Premiere-A-Rooney that Diggie left for a year abroad in Thunderbania. After almost breaking up because of a misunderstanding, they shared their first kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve-A-Rooney, during a webcam chat.

Gift-A-Rooney marks their "meet-a-versary". Both originally wanted to gift each other with the same thing (sweatbands). Liv thinks Maddie won’t find Diggie’s gift romantic so she hides it and instead gives Maddie a porcupine - which Maddie hates. Maddie almost breaks up with Diggie and explains to Liv that sweatbands have a romantic meaning to them both as it reminds them of the first time they met. Liv explains everything to Maddie which causes them to argue but to make it up to her sister, she has Diggie fly in. This marks their first face-to-face reunion after a couple of months.

After 8 months, Diggie returns in the episode Flugelball-A-Rooney. They had trouble setting things like they used to be and after Diggie reveals that he wants to see more of the world than Steven's point, Maddie tells him how she feels about him being gone so far away. This leads to Diggie breaking up with Maddie.

Diggie regrets his decision to break up with Maddie and shows that he still has feelings for her in Video-A-Rooney, so he signed up to help film The Dream's music video in the hope of getting to spend time with Maddie.

In Frame-A-Rooney, it is revealed that Maddie also still has feelings for Diggie, as she, while she was jogging, was watching Diggie play basketball by himself from behind a tree.

They try to out-fun each other at the SPARF-A-Rooney's SPARF festival, by trying to make each other jealous. They both take someone the other hates. (Maddie went with Todd Stetson while Diggie went with South Salamanca, who flirted with Diggie and caused Maddie to be jealous in BFF-A-Rooney). In the end, though, their dates end up together while the two of them are "competing" against each other, both stating that "they won".

Diggie tells Liv that he still likes Maddie in Champ-A-Rooney, and wanted to get back together with her and stay in Steven's Point if there was a chance they would get back together. Maddie had to say a speech at her basketball game when Liv caught Maddie just in time and explained everything. Maddie struggled with what to do as she couldn’t be in two places at once and didn’t wanna let her team down, while also wanting to go and talk to Diggie. Liv told Maddie to swap clothes with her and that she would say Maddie’s speech while Maddie went to go and talk to Diggie - which Maddie agreed to. Liv and Maddie’s mother Karensoon noticed that Liv was disguised as Maddie, however their father Pete could not tell that “Maddie” was actually Liv.

Due to some unlucky happenings, Maddie doesn't catch Diggie in time at the school, however inContinued-A-Rooney, she catches him at the airport. They decide it is time to move on, as Maddie did not want to stop Diggie from following his dreams but still they stayed good friends and say that they will possibly get back together when he is back and the time is right.

In Co-Star-A-Rooney, Karen tries to help Maddie overcome her feelings for Diggie with a "cleansing ceremony" by sending away all the stuff Diggie ever gave to her among her feelings. She reveals in Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney that she is not willing or ready to start dating again because of what happened between her and Diggie.

In an Scoop-A-Rooney, Maddie is mistaken for Liv when TV presenter Nancy O' Dell takes a picture of Maddie and her then new boyfriend Josh and puts in on TV claiming Liv and Josh to be boyfriend and girlfriend when really Liv is going out with Holdenbut wanted to keep it quiet because of all the attention it would gain from the media and soon Diggie returned to Wisconsin as he knew that the picture was Maddie not Liv as he can tell them apart and he couldn’t bare to see Maddie with another boy so he came back for her.

In its penultimate episode Choose-A-Rooney, Diggie confesses to Maddie that he had been regretting leaving her when he was in Australia. However, she states that she is dating Josh and is happy. Later on, when she talks with Liv, she admits that she still has feelings for Diggie but is torn between him and Josh. Liv is sure that Maddie still wants to be with Diggie after she sees the way Maddie looks at Diggie and sees them having fun laughing and smiling together at Gemma and Johnny Nimbus' wedding. Diggie almost gives up on getting back together with Maddie, but after Liv suggests a romantic gesture, he decides to give it a go. He performed Liv's song As Long As I Have You for Maddie which led to her Josh seeing the way Maddie looked at Diggie. He states that Maddie had never looked at him the way she looks at Diggie and that she should follow her heart - which leads to them breaking up. Finally, Maddie and Diggie get a chance to "talk" and as they were about to kiss, Joey almost interrupts them once again but fails thanks to Liv and Artie who realized what was about to happen just in time to shove him out of the way. When they finally kissed, the fireworks which were supposed to go off during the wedding ceremony instead went off during their kiss.

When Maddie moved to LA to go to her freak college, Diggie had to remain in Stevens Point to finish schooling, leading them to continue a long-distance relationship, though Diggie payed occasional visits to come and see Maddie. He also surprised her a few days before Christmas thanks to the help of Liv - which Maddie was very great full for.

Other Names

  • Miggie (M/addie and D/iggie)
  • Maggie (Ma/ddie and Di/ggie)
  • Madgie (Mad/die and Dig/gie)
  • Daddie (D/iggie and M/addie)
  • Diddie (Di/ggie and Ma/ddie)
  • Digdie (Dig/gie and Mad/die)
  • Madiggie (Mad/die and D/iggie)
  • Mie (M/addie and Digg/ie)

Season 1


Diggie and Maddie

  • Maddie tells Liv about Diggie.
  • Maddie hopes that Diggie asks her to the dance.
  • Maddie tries to flirt with Diggie.
  • Maddie smiles when Diggie shows Liv his sports analogy.
  • Diggie asks Maddie what she's doing later.
  • Diggie goes to Maddie's house to talk about the dance.
  • Diggie said that Maddie was 'en fuego' (on fire).
  • Diggie knew that Liv was pretending to be Maddie which is why he said no to her asking him to the dance.
  • Diggie thinks that it's cute when Maddie plays with her charm bracelet.
  • Diggie says that he knows Maddie.
  • Diggie asks Maddie to the dance.
  • Maddie accepts Diggie's proposal to the dance.
  • Diggie says that he won because he gets to take Maddie to the dance.
  • Diggie smiles at Maddie when she looks for Liv.
  • When Maddie told him she wasn't wearing a dress to the dance, he smiled, not bothered by that.
  • Diggie was shocked when he saw Maddie and swallowed his gum.
  • Diggie's face dropped when Maddie said that she couldn't do it.
  • Diggie smiles when Maddie comes back.


  • Diggie and Maddie say 'sup' to each other.
  • Diggie wants them to enter the couples' costume contest.
  • Diggie and Maddie both go in a k/night costume.
  • Maddie freaks out when Diggie said couple.
  • Diggie said couple as in the contest category because he knew Maddie was confused.
  • Diggie smiles awkwardly at Maddie.
  • Maddie wants Diggie to help Joey talk to girls.
  • At Screamfest they both say 'couple' and then stutter.
  • Maddie was upset that Diggie wasn't dressed as she hoped and that they couldn't enter the couples' contest.
  • Maddie jokes around and says that Diggie gets confused with knight and night, Diggie nods in agreement.
  • Diggie and Maddie play bowling together.
  • Maddie and Diggie high five each other.
  • Diggie says that the only reason he lost was that he had 'stars in his eyes'.
  • Maddie tells Diggie that she is having fun.
  • Diggie says that they may have lost the couples' contest but they still make a great couple.
  • Maddie likes that Diggie keeps saying couple.
  • Diggie doesn't know whether they are a couple or not.
  • They both smile at each other.
  • In a confessional, Diggie was nervous if he and Maddie were a couple or not. He asked her to give him a sign.

Sweet 16-A-Rooney

  • Diggie helps Liv plan Maddie's party.
  • Diggie tells Pete that he wants the party to be as amazing as it can be.
  • Diggie struggles to lie to Maddie about the book club.
  • Diggie wants Maddie to make a wish.
  • Diggie tries to save Maddie from the windmill.


  • Diggie says that Maddie doesn't fail anything.
  • Maddie notices Diggie's new hair.
  • Diggie gets a haircut because Pete told him to.
  • Diggie wants Maddie's dad to like him.
  • Maddie suggests Diggie and Pete bonding.
  • Diggie offers to help prep for Maddie's driving test.
  • They hug.
  • It's possible that Diggie wanted Pete to like him so that he and Maddie can date.


  • It's revealed that the first time Maddie and Diggie ever hung out was to go ice skating together.
  • Maddie reveals that Diggie had given her his scarf when she was cold.
  • Maddie also reveals that Diggie left a LOT of notes in her locker.
  • Diggie drops out of the tournament for Maddie (temporarily).


  • Maddie wants to tell Diggie how she feels about him.
  • Liv wanted Maddie to tell Diggie how she feels about him.
  • Maddie was too shy to tell Diggie how she felt so she wrote her feelings down on his basketball.
  • Maddie returned Diggie's basketball to him.
  • Maddie wears a jacket that Diggie wore in Twin-A-Rooney.
  • When Maddie got mad at Diggie for blowing off his note, he started talking to himself and a guy in the hallway sees him. He says, "Yeah, I'm talking to myself in the hall. Baffling girl moment. Move on!" whilst sounding irritated, which suggested he was sad that Maddie was mad at him.
  • Diggie puts his arm around Maddie.
  • Maddie and Diggie reveal their feelings to each other.
  • After Diggie told Maddie he liked her too, she looked down and blushed whilst smiling.
  • Maddie and Diggie hold hands.
  • Maddie and Diggie become a couple in this episode.
  • Diggie wanted to give Maddie his jacket.
  • Diggie said Maddie meant something to him.
  • Maddie tells everyone that she and Diggie are officially a couple.
  • Liv was really happy that they were now a couple.
  • Liv said, "I'm so glad you guys are finally together".
  • Liv called them Miggie.
  • Diggie called Maddie cool.
  • When Maddie told Diggie she liked him, he had a big smile on his face.
  • When Diggie said "I like you too Maddie" he looked at her in a flirty way.
  • Liv said that she knew they were always meant to be together.
  • It was revealed that Liv was a Miggie shipper in this episode.


  • They were going to go on a date for froyo.
  • Diggie was upset when Maddie forgot about the date.
  • They texted each other.
  • Diggie asked Maddie if she got taller.
  • When Maddie was upset about the shoes being destroyed by Liv, Diggie put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.
  • When Maddie took her high tops from Wilow, Diggie smiled at her.


  • They take breakdancing together.
  • Maddie took breakdance lessons for Diggie.
  • Maddie was upset that Diggie was hanging out with Joey 'cause she wanted to spend time with him.
  • Maddie asks Diggie if he wants to go on a date after school.


  • Diggie was very happy when Maddie told that she got in the Junior Olympics.
  • They hugged.
  • Diggie said that he's going to miss Maddie.
  • They were about to hug at the final, but it was interrupted by Pete.


Maddie and Diggie in between hugs.

  • Diggie and Maddie hug, twice.
  • Maddie gets jealous of South flirting with Diggie and subsequently tries to tell her to back off (although, she fails).
  • Maddie tries to tell South off again, this time dressed as Liv, again to no avail.
  • Diggie admits in a confessional that he's been hanging out with South all because Maddie told him to be nice to her.
  • Maddie confesses that Diggie is her boyfriend.
  • Diggie runs off, screaming "MADDIE ROONEY IS MY GIRLFRIEND!". He says this repeatedly afterwards.
  • Diggie got very happy and exclaimed, "Finally!", when Maddie called him her boyfriend.


  • Maddie visited Diggie at his job.
  • Maddie wanted to spend as much time with Diggie as possible cause she was leaving soon for the Junior Olympics.
  • Diggie said to Maddie not to remind him about it, and that he's really going to miss Maddie.
  • Diggie offered Maddie a job so they can spend more time together.
  • Maddie called Diggie her boyfriend.
  • They both said they loved working together.
  • They both didn't want to hurt each other's feelings when they both didn't want to work with each other, anymore.
  • They hugged.
  • They were dancing together when Liv performed Count Me In
  • After Liv performed, you could see Maddie and Diggie holding hands.


  • Diggie offered to sit with Maddie on the bus to the basketball game.
  • That night, after the game, Diggie was carrying an injured Maddie in his arms until Willow jumped in and put her on the couch.
  • Diggie was behind Maddie when she was sitting on the couch.
  • Diggie put his hand on Maddie's shoulder.
  • Diggie wanted to help Maddie with her exercises.
  • Diggie helped her up off the couch.

Season 2


  • Diggie video chats with Maddie when she's in school.
  • Maddie said she misses Diggie
  • Maddie called Diggie her boyfriend.

New Year's Eve-A-Rooney

  • Diggie and Maddie want to video chat on midnight together
  • It turns out that Diggie was the one in the robot costume that Liv kissed. They decided not to tell Maddie, so she wouldn't make a big thing of it.
  • Diggie says that Maddie's the only girl in the world he wants to share his first kiss with
  • They share their first kiss during the webcam chat


  • Maddie and Diggie's meet-aversary was coming up/shown.
  • It's shown how they met and became friends.
  • Both wanted to give each other sweatbands, but Liv switched it with a stuffed porcupine with a tiara.
  • Maddie was angry when she thought that Diggie got her a tiara and stuffed porcupine.
  • Maddie spent twenty-four hours trying to get back to Diggie almost breaking Liv's computer.
  • Diggie asked for Liv's help to make sure the gift he wanted to give to Maddie was perfect
  • Diggie came to visit Maddie, much to her shock and happiness
  • They hugged
  • Diggie lifted Maddie up and spun her around when they hugged.


  • Diggie returned from Tundrabania, but he became so different that Maddie got annoyed
  • They were cuddling on the couch
  • Diggie put his arm around Maddie
  • They broke up
  • Maddie was crying after she and Diggie broke up


  • Diggie revealed he still had feelings for Maddie.
  • Diggie signed up for helping make The Dream's music video after he overheard Maddie was helping too.
  • Diggie brought a pizza through the back door because he thought Maddie asked him to.
  • Diggie went looking for Maddie after she went on a "run" (Parker lied about that to get free pizza).


  • Maddie admits that she was watching Diggie playing basketball in the park for hours.
  • Maddie implies that she still has feelings for Diggie.
  • Diggie was watching Maddie when she was walking up to the superintendent.


  • Maddie and Diggie both want to go to SPARF together.
  • They bought tickets to SPARF when they were together.
  • They try to make each other jealous.
  • Neither one of them liked their dates.
  • They decide to have fun at SPARF together even though they're not together.


  • Diggie went to talk to Maddie at her house.
  • He said he made a stupid mistake breaking up with Maddie.
  • Diggie told Liv that he wanted to get back together with Maddie.
  • He realized how much he would miss Maddie if he left.
  • He said he wouldn't leave if Maddie wanted to get back together.
  • Liv told him to fix his hair before he talked to Maddie.
  • He thought that his hair looked good.
  • Maddie practiced what she would say to Diggie in the mirror.
  • Maddie admits that she wanted to get back together, but now she isn't sure.
  • Maddie was very upset when Joey trapped her in the locker room so she couldn't get to Diggie.

Season 3


  • This episode was about Miggie
  • Maddie was upset when Diggie had left
  • Diggie came back from LA (stopover from LA to Australia) to see Maddie
  • They talked
  • They hugged when seeing each other and he spun her around
  • Diggie told Maddie he would stay for her and she said she knew he would
  • Maddie wanted to go to Australia to see Diggie
  • They agreed to stay good friends after agreeing to move on
  • When Diggie said he was going back to Australia, Maddie looked teary-eyed, but laughed a bit, wanting to be happy for him.
  • They almost kissed.
  • They smiled and waved at each other when going their separate ways, but both also looked upset about saying goodbye


  • Maddie doesn't want Diggie to know she is dating to try to move on, but he found out on his own anyway.
  • Diggie knows Maddie is the one on the date in the photograph even though the tabloids said it was Liv
  • Diggie comes back for Maddie because he still has feelings for her.
  • Maddie is shocked when she sees Diggie because she realizes she still has feelings for him after seeing him again
  • Diggie smiles at Maddie


  • They hang out together before Josh walks over.
  • Maddie says bye to Diggie and he says the same back.
  • Diggie went as Joey's "Plus-One" at the wedding so he could make one more attempt to win Maddie over.
  • They kiss and get back together.
  • Diggie is looking at Maddie when he is singing at the wedding.


  • They have a graduation picture together even though Diggie hasn't actually graduated
  • Maddie wants a picture with Diggie
  • Diggie agrees to take a picture with Maddie
  • Maddie playfully hits Diggie with her graduation diploma
  • Diggie states not graduating was worth it for Maddie
  • Maddie giggles when Diggie says it was worth it

Season 4


  • Diggie had a velvet portrait of himself painted for Maddie while she was in Malibu


  • Diggie visits Maddie in California to spend the summer together
  • As soon as Maddie opens the door, she greets him with an exciting punch to the arm, followed by a big hug
  • They say "I love you" to each other
  • Diggie says wherever Maddie is, is where he wants to be.

Similarities and Differences


  • They both love to play basketball.
  • They are both athletes.
  • They're both captains of their own basketball teams.


  • They both get 'that competitive thing where they grind their opponents into submission'.
  • They both like each other a lot.
  • They both dressed up as k/nights for Screamfest.
  • Their first names both end with 'ie'.
  • They both have 6 letters in both their first names and their last names.


  • Maddie wears glasses but Diggie doesn't.
  • Maddie is a female and Diggie is a male.
  • Maddie is blonde and Diggie is brown-haired.
  • Maddie's team used to not be supported by the principal, but Diggie's team obviously was, for he didn't mention the boys' basketball team.
  • Maddie has known friends (-Diggie) but Diggie's friends, if any (-Maddie), are not mentioned, just showed in Dodge-A-Rooney.
  • Diggie likes breakdancing but Maddie doesn't.
  • Diggie wanted to tell the world about his and Maddie's relationship, while Maddie wanted to keep it a secret.
  • Maddie's surname was revealed in the first episode, but Diggie's wasn't revealed until Dodge-A-Rooney.
  • Maddie has graduated high school, but Diggie hasn't



  • Purple; both Maddie and Diggie have a purple varsity coat or jacket and Maddie has a purple sweater.


  • Charm Bracelet - Diggie knew Liv was pretending to be Maddie because she wasn't doing the 'cute thing Maddie does with her charm bracelet when she's nervous' (Twin-A-Rooney)
  • Varsity Jacket - Diggie gave Maddie his varsity coat after she said she felt cold. (Move-A-Rooney) She was seen wearing in many episodes after.
  • Sweatbands - Maddie and gave Diggie a pair of her sweatbands after gym class before Diggie asked for a rematch. Also, they exchanged sweatbands for their Meet-A -sary. (Gift-A-Rooney)
  • Gum - Diggie said he swallowed his gum when he first saw Maddie in a dress for Homecoming (Twin-A-Rooney)
  • Sport - Basketball. Maddie and Diggie both play basketball and are captains of their teams. Also, Maddie used the basketball to tell Diggie how she felt writing I like you Diggie - Maddie. (Move-A-Rooney)
  • Fireworks - During Maddie and Diggie's first kiss fireworks that were supposed to go off at the ceremony instead went off during their kiss. (Choose-A-Rooney)


  • Porch Swing - Maddie and Diggie confess to having feelings for one another fearing Maddie was moving away to Madison WI. (Move-A-Rooney)
  • Maddie's Backyard - Several Miggie moments happen here, such as Diggie asking Maddie to the dance, the two almost sharing their first real kiss, and the pair breaking up.


  • Twin-A-Rooney: They went to the dance together and Maddie's crush on Diggie was revealed.
  • Kang-A-Rooney: The episode where they were supposed to enter the couples costume contest.
  • Move-A-Rooney: The episode where they confessed their feelings for each other, and officially became a couple.
  • BFF-A-Rooney: The episode where it was revealed that they were officially boyfriend-girlfriend. (Maddie called Diggie her boyfriend.)
  • New Year's Eve-A-Rooney: Diggie said Maddie was the only girl he wanted his first kiss with and they shared their first kiss over a webcam chat.
  • Gift-A-Rooney: The episode where it was Maddie and Diggie's "Meet-anniversary", Diggie came back to Wisconsin to visit Maddie, and they almost shared a real kiss.
  • Flugelball-A-Rooney: The episode in which they broke up.
  • Video-A-Rooney: The episode in which Diggie revealed he still had feelings for Maddie.
  • Champ-A-Rooney: The episode in which Diggie and Maddie almost got back together / close to admitting their feelings for each other.
  • Continued-A-Rooney: Diggie came back for Maddie, but they decided to stay friends and move on. They almost kissed again.
  • Scoop-A-Rooney: Diggie comes back for Maddie which leaves her confused on who she wants to be with: Josh or Diggie.
  • Choose-A-Rooney: Maddie chooses Diggie because she is still in love with him. She and Diggie share their first kiss.
  • Cali Christmas-A-Rooney: Maddie is upset about not being in Wisconsin for Christmas so Liv brings Diggie to Cali to surprise Maddie. Diggie brings Beef McGravy's that Maddie is very happy with. They share another kiss.
  • End-A-Rooney: When Maddie makes the decision to spend the summer in New Orleans building tiny houses for the homeless, Diggie decides to go with her. They share a kiss.

Miggie Songs

  • 500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be) by The Proclaimers - Diggie would do what seems to be anything for Maddie, and some prime examples include when Diggie leaves Australia to come back for Maddie when he sees her with Josh, and when he misses his flight to Australia to travel from LA back to Steven's Point just so he could say goodbye to her. "And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more" very accurately describes the numerical distance that Diggie would travel/has traveled to get to Maddie.
  • A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta - After their breakup in Flugelball-A-Rooney, it is revealed that Diggie and Maddie still have feelings for each other, though they don't reveal it, like in SPARF-A-Rooney when they are too afraid to ask each other directly to SPARF, so they ask other people.
  • A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton - Like "500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be)", this song describes the distance that Maddie has traveled/would travel to see Diggie. In Continued-A-Rooney, Maddie travels the 2,000-mile distance from WI to LA just to catch Diggie before he leaves, and when she fails, she buys tickets to fly to Australia just so she can see him again.
  • As Long As I Have You by Dove Cameron - Diggie sings this song to Maddie in Choose-A-Rooney. This song describes the willingness for two people to be together despite their differences and hardships, and that connects to Miggie's relationship because they get back together, despite all of the hurt and experiences they've been through together.
  • Falling For You by Colbie Caillat - Up until Maddie confesses her feelings for Diggie in 1x13, she is shown to have a big crush on Diggie and that she really wants to be with him. In 1x13, when revealing her feelings, she's too scared to tell him, so she writes it on a basketball. Before she verbally reveals to Diggie her feelings, she hesitates, showing her nervousness.
  • Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne - When Maddie sees South flirting with Diggie in BFF-A-Rooney, she becomes jealous and wants to tell South to keep off of Diggie. Near the end of the episode, she claims to South and to Diggie that Diggie is her boyfriend.
  • Had Me @ Hello by Olivia Holt - When Maddie and Diggie first met (as shown in Gift-A-Rooney), it was shown that Maddie was immediately infatuated with Diggie, acting giggly and awkward.
  • I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepson - From the very first episode of season 1, it is shown that Maddie and Diggie really, really, really, really, really, really like each other. When they admit their feelings to one another in Move-A-Rooney, they do it by saying, "I like you." The song easily describes Maddie and Diggie's nervous actions towards each other due to extremely smitten feelings.
  • Jealous by Nick Jonas - In SPARF-A-Rooney, Maddie goes to SPARF with Todd Stetson, and Diggie's jealousy causes Diggie to take South to SPARF, causing Maddie to become jealous as well. Diggie comes back for Maddie in Scoop-A-Rooney because he saw a picture of her with Josh. He doesn't seem to like that the two are together as he continues to pursue getting Maddie back after his return.
  • Nobody Compares by One Direction - It's very imminent that Maddie and Diggie's breakup takes its toll on Diggie, and even afterwards, he continues to really want to be around her. In Twin-A-Rooney, Diggie is completely stunned by Maddie in a dress, and he also seems googly about her more formal appearance in Choose-A-Rooney - Also in that episode, Maddie dismisses him frequently to be with Josh, and it's very obvious that he's hurt and sad when she does.
  • One Thing by One Direction - Throughout the series, Diggie is shown to be fairly sheepish and soft-spoken when it comes to Maddie, similar to the lines in the song, "I've tried playing it cool, but when I'm looking at you, I can't ever be brave 'cause you make my heart race" and "You keep making me weak, frozen and can't breathe."
  • Pretending from Glee - Maddie and Diggie show several times throughout the series a reluctance to tell each other how they're feeling, like in Season 1 when they like each other but don't tell each other until halfway through the season, and in Season 2 when they still have feelings for each other after breaking up but they don't express it until Diggie has to leave for Australia.
  • True Love by Dove Cameron - This song heavily describes the regret that Maddie and Diggie feel after breaking up in Flugelball-A-Rooney since afterwards, it is shown that they still have feelings for one another. When it's time for Diggie to move to Australia, they both go very out of their ways to come back to one another even though at this point, they are still broken up.
  • Where Your Feet Should Fall by Spider Cider - "There is nothing you can do to make me fall out of love with you" describes Diggie's feelings towards Maddie, and this is shown various times, a big one being when Diggie comes back for Maddie in Scoop-A-Rooney and is calm and kind towards her, even with the inkling that she is seeing someone else. Regardless of the times Diggie has traveled, the pair have always gotten back together.
  • Worldwide by Big Time Rush - This song emphasizes the long-distance relationship between Diggie and Maddie and how they still manage to maintain a great connection, regardless of the fact that they're countries apart.
  • You Are The Reason by Calum Scott - This song, especially the chorus, perfectly explains how Diggie and Maddie would go anywhere and do anything just to be with the other ("I'd climb every mountain, and swim every ocean, just to be with you, and fix what I've broken"), especially shown in Champ-A-Rooney, Continued-A-Rooney, Scoop-A-Rooney, and Choose-A-Rooney.

Miggie Fanfictions

Love-A-Rooney: Maddie and Diggy

  • Author: ImagineAllTheStoriesUntold
  • Author's Summary: Maddie and Diggy have always liked each other, but, what happens when a little trip makes them confront each other?
  • Status: Incomplete

Don't Let Go ~ Miggie

  • Author: dovecamcc
  • Author's Summary: The Rooney family spend a week in a beach house during their holidays. Diggie gets to come with them. Will Maddie and Diggie ever be brave enough to tell each other what they're feeling, or will their relationship status always stay by not more than just friends? And what happens if Liv also met a guy who's actually only bad news?
  • Status: Complete



Diggie: So, Rooney Classic, what are you doing later? Maddie: Um, stuff...
Diggie: I said no because I knew it was Liv.

Maddie: What?

Diggie: Yeah, she, um, didn't do that cute thing you do with your charm bracelet when you're nervous.


Diggie: 'Sup, Rooney?

Maddie: 'Sup, Diggie?
Diggie: Got your costume ready for Scream fest?
Maddie: You know I do. I got this really cool knight costume and it is going to melt your face off!
Diggie: Sweet. Hey I'll go as that too then, maybe we could win the couples' costume contest?
Maddie: Yeah, okay...

Diggie: Er, and you know when I mean couple I mean the contest category and... well you get it.
Diggie and Maddie: WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!

Maddie: Er, I'm a knight. We said we were gonna be knights.
Diggie: Oh, I thought you meant like 'the night'.
Maddie: Are you kidding? We're never going to be able to enter the couples' contest now.
Diggie: No, sure we can. We're a couple of k/nights! Hah.

Maddie: Yep, that is us. A couple, haha, of k/nights. Hah, if there was one more of us we'd be a few! But there's not because we're a couple of k/nights!
Maddie [confessional]: I have no idea what he means but I like that he's saying it. Diggie [confessional]: Are we a couple? Are we not a couple? GIVE ME A SIGN, WOMAN!

Sweet 16-A-Rooney

Diggie: Don't worry, birthday girl, your hero's here. Maddie: [Maddie takes the plug out] Hey, superhero, plug's right here.


Maddie: 'Sup, Diggie?

Diggie: 'Sup, Rooney?
Maddie: 'Sup with your hair? You did not get a haircut just because my dad told you to.
Diggie: No, not at all... I totally needed a trim - do you think he'll like it?
Maddie: Diggie, you can't let him push you around like this. I mean, your hair was a hot mess but that's not the point.
Diggie: I can't help it okay? I want him to like me, he's your dad and you and me are... whatever we are.
Maddie: Totally, whatever... um. You just need to find something that you and my dad will like and bond over that.
Diggie: Oh yeah, okay great let's see. He likes growling at me!
Maddie: Oh, you know what else he likes? Barbecuing.
Diggie: Grilling sure beats growling. And if he starts to like me I can help you prep for you driver's test.

Maddie: Aw, that's so sweet.


Diggie: You're gonna move away without saying bye?

Maddie: I was going to, but I got really hurt when you blew me off after reading my note.
Diggie: What note?
Maddie: The one I wrote on the basketball? Like one does when one is terrified of getting hurt, like one did?
Diggie: ...I must have smudged it with my basketball pig sweat. What did it say?
Maddie: I like you, Diggie.

Diggie: I like you too, Maddie. (Maddie blushes)
Diggie: If you're moving, I want you to have this and not because you're cool, because this means something to me like you do. (Diggie puts his jacket around Maddie)
Maddie: Maddie and Diggie are officially in like with each other.
Liv: (squeals) Finally the birth of 'Miggie'!
Maddie: So... 'sup?

Diggie: Stuff.
Maddie: ...Bam what.

(They smile at each other)


Maddie: So...'sup?

Diggie: Stuff.

(They kiss)


Maddie: Hey, I hope you don't mind that painting of my boyfriend... Maddie: 'Cause, like, I know that it's kind of goofy, but no matter how far apart we are, I look up at it, and I think, like, y'know, we're gonna be okay. (referring to herself and Diggie)


Maddie: I just got the grant to build tiny houses.

Diggie: No way!
Maddie: Yeah...
Diggie: That's great! Congratulations!
Maddie: Thank you...
Diggie: ...What?
Maddie: ...It means that I have to leave for New Orleans tomorrow... which then means that we can't spend the summer together.
Diggie: ...I don't... understand.
Maddie: I know. I know, I mean, I'm-I'm so sorry, Diggie. Like, I know you came down here to spend the whole summer with me, but I just... I really feel like this is something I have to go do!
Diggie: N-no, I don't understand why that means we can't spend the summer together. ...I'll come with you!
Diggie: Maddie, wherever you are is where I want to be.
Maddie: I love you, Digbert Smalls.
Diggie: I love you, too.

(They kiss)


  • Fans who ship them together are called "Miggie shippers."
  • They started dating in Move-A-Rooney.
  • Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan were engaged. (See Dove and Ryan (relationship) for more info)
  • They shared their first kiss in New Year's Eve-A-Rooney, during a webcam chat.
  • They were in a long-distance relationship for 8 months as revealed in Flugelball-A-Rooney.
  • They broke up in Flugelball-A-Rooney.
  • Diggie revealed he still had feelings for Maddie in Video-A-Rooney.
  • Diggie wanted to get back together with Maddie, in Champ-A-Rooney
  • Diggie comes back for Maddie in Scoop-A-Rooney.
  • Diggie and Maddie sacrifice a lot for each other throughout their relationship. They are selfless in their relationship and want the other to be happy to follow their dreams, even though it leads to a break-up and some tension (but it seems they have figured out their issues by the end).
  • Diggie can easily tell the difference between Maddie and Liv. Examples include in BFF-A-Rooney when Maddie dresses exactly like Liv and Diggie doesn't even question the fact that it's Maddie and in Scoop-A-Rooney when Diggie sees the picture of a glasses-less Maddie and Josh and recognizes it as Maddie and not Liv.
  • Diggie is older than Maddie because he had his license before Maddie was able to get hers (assuming that they have to be at least 16 to get a license as Switch-A-Rooney came shortly after Sweet 16-A-Rooney).
  • They have their first, in-person kiss in Choose-A-Rooney and get back together.
  • Diggie sacrifices his chance to graduate to go see Maddie in Wisconsin.
  • Diggie decides to go build houses with Maddie in Louisiana, deciding to put aside his dreams in favor of Maddie's.


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