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I guess that's it for the show so Merry Christmas?
— Liv

Fa La La La-A-Rooney is the tenth episode in season 1 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on December 1, 2013, and received 3.1 million total viewers.


Liv is asked to sing a duet at the town’s holiday spectacular but her partner, a nine-year-old aspiring singer (Jenny Keene), is not quite what she seems. Meanwhile, Pete and Maddie are tasked with decorating the town Christmas tree, and Parker sabotages Joey’s get-rich-quick Santa booth.

Episode Summary

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Memorable Quotes

Maddie: What did I just do? I just promised that we could top the Grizwaltz tinsel fly by! Why did I just promise that?
Pete: Next time just let me do the talking.
Joey: The only reason I did this Santa Stand was so that I could pay off your Christmas present. [Joey takes out helicopter] I talked Mom out of getting you that helicopter because I already got it for you.

Parker: I'm sorry, Munch, I had no idea you cared.

Joey: Me either, I guess it's just the Christmas spirit.
Joey: Parker, Dad, come quick before it stops!

Pete: What is it, son?
Parker: Is it snowing on Christmas?
Joey: Better!

Pete: ...I got her those for Christmas.

Featured Songs


  • Liv Rooney and Jenny Keene sing a duet in this episode titled "Up on the Housetop".
  • It is revealed that Liv performed the songs, "Frosty The Snowman," "White Christmas," and "Little Drummer Boy," when she was 8 in the Stevens Point Show.
  • In the episode, Liv sings "Let It Snow" acoustically. This song was released on the Disney Holidays Unwrapped album but as a pop version rather than acoustic.
  • Another one of Liv's TV roles is revealed, Mandy the Singing Muffler.
  • Ella Anderson previously guest-starred on other Disney Channel series ANT Farm and Dog With a Blog.
    • She would later go on to play Piper Hart on the Nickelodeon original series; Henry Danger.
  • This is the last new episode to air in 2013.

Production Information

  • This episode was in production the week of July 26, 2013, and one of the days it was shot was on July 26, 2013.


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