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Don't be weird Josh!
— Josh's Catchphrase
Josh Willcox
Biographical information
Full Name
Joshua Willcox
J-Man (by himself and Maddie)
LeBlond James, My Good Sir, Mister, New Guy, New Boy (by Maddie)
My Man, My Boy (by Pete)
Dude(by Maddie and Joey)
Buddy, New Cool Best Bro (by Joey)
Garrison (role in Voltage)
Max Von Pluto (role in his and Joey's movies)
May 5, 1988 (23)
Resides In
Hollywood, LA (currently)
Stevens Point, Wisconsin (formerly)
Physical Description
Hair Color
Dirty Blonde
Eye Color
Personal Information
Maddie Rooney (Ex-Girlfriend)
Brandon Crawford
Anything that is easy to get
Being bought
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Joshua "Josh" Willcox is a character in Liv and Maddie. He was Liv Rooney's co-star in Voltage as he played the role of Garrison, who was Liv’s character Tess' love interest. Josh also started a relationship with Liv’s identical twin sister Maddie, although they soon broke up. Josh is also close friends with the twin’s brother Joey.

Josh is portrayed by Lucas Adams.


Josh was born in Hollywood, California. He likes boxlotti (a combo of boxing and Pilates), something he did with his friends in LA. Josh has played baseball since he was 2, with his position being a shortstop, especially because he has lightning-quick reflexes. He is very naïve at times because he is unfamiliar with the Hollywood scene (despite living in Hollywood). He is a hard worker and believes that something worth doing is worth doing right, and it's because of this that if he wants something, he has to fight for it, as shown in Home Run-A-Rooney. It is shown in episodes like Home Run-A-Rooney and Scoop-A-Rooney, that Josh is a romantic guy as she has shown this side of himself towards Maddie and how much he really cares for her. It is also shown in Choose-A-Rooney that Josh is really sensitive at the heart, considering he looks heartbroken when he sees the loving way Maddie looks at Diggie and looks devastated when letting Maddie go. Josh is very confident, but he loses it in Friend-A-Rooney, he is really depressed after his break up with Maddie. So much so it gets to the point where he forgets stuff, including forgetting how to breathe and speaking in high and low pitched voices, showing how heartbroken he is. In that same episode, its shown Josh honors friendships based on unconditional loyalty and honesty and was really hurt when he thought Joey was being paid to be his friend. Josh is very laid back and a fun-loving kind of guy as seen in Home Run-A-Rooney, when he goes along with Liv teasing him.



Josh grew up in Hollywood and moved to Stevens Point once he got the role as Garrison in Voltage. He then moved back to Hollywood after SkyVolt-A-Rooney, when Voltage was relocating there.


Season 3

In Co-Star-A-Rooney, Josh is introduced and he introduces himself to Liv, saying he is nervous about auditioning for the role of Garrison. In the end, Josh gets the role of Liv's character's love interest, Garrison. However, because Josh has had to move away from Hollywood and has never visited Wisconsin, he doesn't know much about Stevens Point so in Cowbell-A-Rooney, Liv, helps him get to know more about it and he reveals he is from LA. She introduces him to one of Stevens Point's traditions, cowbell week, and he goes off against Maddie in the finals. In the end Josh loses but he says he loved the game and is more interested into knowing more about Stevens Point... and Maddie, having fallen for her during the game.

In Ask Her More-A-Rooney, Josh gets overly excited about being on the red carpet with Liv, and even more so with Kristen Bell. That is his first time on a red carpet.

In Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney, Josh is too scared to go up to Maddie and ask her out, one of his reasons being she just got out of a long term relationship (Diggie) and he isn't sure if she is ready. Eventually, he gets over his fear, but when he goes up to her, he is really awkward and flustered. Josh improvises instead saying that he needs her basketball expertise for one of his scenes when in reality he just wants to spend time with Maddie, which leads Josh to almost kiss Maddie, but she misunderstands him and laughs, leaving him confused and disappointed. Maddie also reveals she likes Josh back, but she does not tell him.

In Vive-La-Rooney, Josh spends more time with Maddie by playing Treehouse Horse, which leads to him to confess his true feelings for her and that he wants to date her. Maddie tells Josh she doesn't know if she's ready to start dating yet, so Josh makes a bet with Maddie - if he beats her at a game of Treehouse Horse, she has to go on a date with him. After Josh loses, Maddie admits to him she likes him too, she asks him out, he says yes, and Josh and Maddie become a couple.

In Home Run-A-Rooney, Josh goes on his first date with his new girlfriend, Maddie, to a baseball game. Josh also reveals that his favourite player is Brandon Crawford, and after Maddie embarrasses Josh in front of the crowd by pushing him out the way and into a guy selling popcorn, Josh becomes dejected and Maddie feels guilty for upsetting him, so makes it up to him by allowing him to catch a home-run ball and meeting Brandon Crawford. Josh, however, thinks the catch was too easy because Maddie held back, and confesses to Maddie one of the things he likes most like about her is her competitive side. The two make up and hug. Maddie also asks Brandon Crawford to hit another ball, and challenges Josh for it, so that it would be fair for Josh, allowing Josh to beat Maddie.

In Scoop-A-Rooney, Josh's relationship with Maddie is growing strong, and whilst they're on a date at Goofy Garry's Fun Zone, Nancy O'Dell mistakes Maddie for Liv, making the world believe that Josh is dating Liv rather than Maddie. Josh competes against Holden to be Joey's new best friend and Josh wins, only for Joey to ditch Josh when Diggie, unexpectedly, returns to Steven's Point for Maddie, despite her already dating Josh.

In Choose-A-Rooney, Josh reveals he and Maddie have been together for two months and its been great, saying their relationship is rock solid. Josh is at the wedding as the usher. However, whilst he is at Gemma and Johnny's wedding with her, Diggie turns up trying to take Maddie back from Josh. Whilst Diggie is singing, Josh looks very heartbroken at the loving way Maddie is looking at Diggie. Josh and Maddie break up and she apologises for hurting him. Josh tells Maddie it's okay and that he'll be okay.

In Friend-A-Rooney, Josh is really depressed ever since his split with Maddie, which causes him to lose his confidence, especially with his acting as he can't focus. When Joey gets hired to work on Voltage, he and Josh become co-stars, bringing them much closer friends and Joey has to try to help Josh get his confidence back, but Josh overhears Liv telling Joey that he has been paid to be his friend, really hurting Josh's feelings. Josh is so depressed, he even forgets how to breathe, showing how much he's thinking about Maddie and struggling with having to deal with having a broken heart. However, from Joey and Liv's help, Josh is able to get his confidence back and he forgives them after apologising for hurting his feelings.

In SkyVolt-A-Rooney, Josh is a minor character. He is only seen properly with Liv on the Voltage set and they find out that Voltage is relocating to LA and Josh is only really seen as Garrison on the show. Liv had the script rewritten so that Tess passes the mantle to Garrison, meaning that Josh is the new Skyvolt. This is Josh's last appearance in season 3, as he goes back to LA with Voltage.

Season 4

Josh has settled back in his hometown in LA, presumably continuing his Voltage career. However, his character doesn't seem to be well-received by his fans, possibly due to being the new SkyVolt. As such, fans probably consider Josh as SkyVolt to be an insult to the original character. It's possible that Josh's character is in trouble since Henry says in Scare-A-Rooney, the original Voltage plotline "went out the window", possibly implying Josh's role was changed in Voltage.

Josh first appears in season 4, in Ex-A-Rooney. He and Maddie rekindle their friendship, which Joey feels jealous of. Josh has been hanging out with Joey twice a week ever since they both moved to LA. Joey has been trying to keep Josh and Maddie apart, but Maddie and Josh meet again when she comes home early, which causes Joey to feel slightly jealous since Josh is his best friend. Josh agrees to not go to a game with Maddie and work on his film with Joey. Its shown in this episode that Josh can't tell Maddie and Liv apart when Liv disguises herself as Maddie.

Physical Appearance

Josh is shown to be very handsome, tall and muscular due to doing physical activities like baseball and boxlotties. He has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and tan skin. According to Maddie, Josh looks like a jock and is very handsome. Josh is shown to wear very casual, but cool kind of clothes. He appears to look like he is in his 20's due to Lucas Adams being 28 years old and he seems to be a few months older than Liv and Maddie.

Josh is very built, due to the fact whenever he folds his arms they bulge in his sleeves and his chest is usually visible.

In season 3, Josh's style is very casual and his hair is flatter in some episodes than others as seen in episodes like Scoop-A-Rooney. In season 4, Josh's style is very similar to season 3. Its shown in Ex-A-Rooney that he likes to wear shirts with short-sleeved shirts on the top and sometimes wears necklaces in some episodes. Also in season 4, his hair seems to be slightly less flat and is parted on the left with it swept on the right.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Josh does physical activities such as boxlotti, an activity that involves boxing and Pilates. He also plays baseball and is shown to be muscular which means that he does these activities frequently. Because of this, he can handle getting hit, beaten, or thrown. Josh also is a good actor and it is shown in Ask Her More-A-Rooney that he has gained quite a few fans from his role on Voltage. It is shown in Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney, Home Run-A-Rooney, and Scoop-A-Rooney that Josh is very romantic and flirtatious as he very much so, shows this side of himself to Maddie. Josh is a fast runner as seen in Friend-A-Rooney when he manages to outrun Joey in a lap around the voltage set. Josh is shown to have a good memory when it comes to remembering his lines, but briefly loses his memory a bit in Friend-A-Rooney, where he can't remember how to do this, but this is due to him losing his confidence after his break-up with Maddie, possibly implying he has her on his mind the whole time rather than his lines to remember. Josh is good at magic tricks as seen in Scoop-A-Rooney and is a very caring guy as he hates to hurt people. Then in Choose-A-Rooney, even though Josh is heartbroken, he cares a lot about Maddie, wanting her to be happy with Diggie. Its shown in Ex-A-Rooney that Josh appears to know a little bit of Parkour as he is quite good at cartwheels and is flexible since he does this when shooting a scene for his movie with Joey, but he does also bump into him when doing it.


Although he is good at other sports, Josh is bad at basketball, as shown in Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney. Josh is also acrophobic, as seen in Vive-La-Rooney, but he does try to get over this for Maddie. He gets nervous pretty easily and is also not great at holding it back as seen in Ask Her More-A-Rooney and Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney when he acts star struck around Kristen Bell and Maddie. Being an actor, Josh can make cover stories more convincing, but he's bad at backing them up. Josh is really sensitive as seen in Choose-A-Rooney, when looks heartbroken when he sees Maddie looking lovingly at Diggie. It's also evident in Friend-A-Rooney that he does not know how to properly cope with major losses such as breakups, putting a psychological strain on him as he can't work properly, especially since Joey mentions in Ex-A-Rooney that Josh has been taking the break up hard. It's implied that Josh's subtle interactions with Maddie in that episode combined with preferring to do ridiculous activities with Joey suggests that he's avoiding his problems and not coping with his breakup in a healthy manner. It is also shown that Josh cannot tell twins Liv and Maddie apart.


Maddie Rooney

(Good Friend/Ex-Girlfriend/Friends)


Maddie was Josh's girlfriend. They two first met in Cowbell-A-Rooney and Josh instantly started liking Maddie, which he revealed to Liv. In Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney, Josh wanted to ask Maddie out and she was revealed to like him back. The two had a romantic, somewhat intense moment, where they locked eyes and almost kissed. Then in Vive-La-Rooney, the two started to hang out more, and Josh finally admitted his feelings for Maddie, which she also told him. Maddie decided she was ready to start dating again, and asked Josh out, which he got excited about and said yes. The two became an official couple. They went on their first date in Home Run-A-Rooney and were still happily dating in Scoop-A-Rooney, but they broke up in Choose-A-Rooney, leaving Josh completely heartbroken and Maddie teary-eyed. In Friend-A-Rooney, Josh is really depressed after his break up with Maddie, which causes him to lose his confidence and that he still cares her. Josh and Maddie hang out more again in Ex-A-Rooney, rekindling their friendship, which causes Joey to feel jealous and awkward about it. Also, Josh cannot tell Liv and Maddie apart - which was also shown in that episode. (See Josh and Maddie (relationship) for more information)

Joey Rooney

(Best Friends/Practically Brothers)

Josh & Joey (4x10).png

Joey is Josh's best friend. Despite that Josh and Joey haven't hung out much alone, they appear to be good friends and they are first properly seen hanging out together at Goofy Garry's in Scoop-A-Rooney, becoming closer and good friends. They become co-stars on Voltage in Friend-A-Rooney and Joey helps Josh get his confidence back after his break up with Maddie. In Ex-A-Rooney, it's revealed they've been hanging out since Joey moved to LA. They have a brothers-like friendship and Joey mentions to Josh in Ex-A-Rooney, that he is the best friend he has ever had. Like Joey, Josh cannot tell Joey’s identical twin sisters apart. (See Josh and Joey (relationship) for more information)

Liv Rooney

(Close Friend)

Josh and Liv

Josh and Liv are good friends, were co-stars on Voltage and they became friends. Liv helped Josh fit in at Wisconsin after moving from LA in Cowbell-A-Rooney. They hang out together and are shown to be close friends. Liv likes to tease Josh as seen in Home Run-A-Rooney. Liv tries to help Josh in Friend-A-Rooney after he loses his confidence due to struggling with his break up with Maddie. Also, Josh cannot tell Liv and Maddie apart. (See: Josh and Liv (relationship) for more information.)

Holden Dippledorf


Josh and Holden first met in Co-Star-A-Rooney when they both auditioned to play Garrison, Liv's love interest in Voltage and even though Josh got the role and Holden didn't, he was okay with it and it was assumed they were friends. They are first properly seen hanging out a little in Scoop-A-Rooney, with Joey holding a competition that Josh was interested in. (See: Josh and Holden (relationship) for more information)

Diggie Smalls


Josh knew about Diggie long before Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney. Diggie found out about Josh in Scoop-A-Rooney, when Diggie learned that Josh was dating Maddie, causing Diggie to become worried and come back to Steven's Point for Maddie, leaving her hopelessly confused on who she wanted to be with. Then in Choose-A-Rooney, Josh officially met Diggie, whom he did not expect to come back. Josh greeted him with a nonchalant acknowledgment devoid of emotion. He also learned that Diggie wanted Maddie back while Josh was dating her, which caused Maddie to choose between the two. Although Josh tried to be kind to Diggie when they introduced themselves to each other, they both felt awkward considering what was going on. After Josh sees the loving way Maddie looked at Diggie, he lets Maddie go and wants her to be happy with him, despite knowing he will suffer.

One of the main differences between Diggie and Josh is that Diggie can tell Liv and Maddie apart very easily - whereas Josh cannot tell them apart at all.

(See:Diggie and Josh (relationship))


  • Initially, Josh served as the eyes and ears of the audience, as he often asked questions the audience would normally ask, which helped new viewers understand the show.
  • Josh first appeared in Co-Star-A-Rooney.
  • He's from LA.
  • His catchphrase is "Whooo!" He usually says this when he is excited.
  • Josh played Tess' (Liv's) love interest, Garrison, in Voltage.
  • He really likes Maddie.
  • He thinks Maddie is adorable like she does with him.
  • He went to his first red carpet event in Ask Her More-A-Rooney. It's also evident from that episode that he's never spoken to a celebrity before.
  • Josh loves Kristen Bell.
  • He's bad at basketball and tries to have Maddie teach him in Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney.
  • He's played baseball since he was 2 and his position was a shortstop. This is probably a reference to Lucas Adams playing baseball since this age.
  • He claims that he has lightning-quick reflexes. This is proven true because he was able to catch a flying baseball during a game in Home Run-A-Rooney.
  • Josh can catch baseballs, but he can't catch basketballs. This is possibly because he is so used to playing baseball and not basketball.
  • Josh attempted to kiss Maddie in Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney.
  • He admitted his feelings for Maddie in Vive-La-Rooney.
  • Josh started going out with Maddie in Vive-La-Rooney.
  • He was Maddie's second boyfriend, the first being Diggie.
  • He is terrified of heights but tried to get over them for Maddie.
  • Josh liked to try to impress Maddie quite a lot before he started dating her.
  • He is a huge Brandon Crawford fan. (Home Run-A-Rooney)
  • Josh shares some similarities with Logan Watson from I Didn't Do it, because of appearance, specifically his dirty blonde hair, he's athletic, very tall confident, his personality, they both sometimes refer to themselves in the third person, both are very sensitive at the heart, haven lost both girls to other guys, and both boys are very romantic.
    • Josh is also similar to Barry Eisenberg from Best Friends Whenever, because both boys are shown to be socially awkward, had a not-so-subtle crush on a girl, and are big on pride and honor during any type of competition to the point of refusing anything that is easily given to them. His relationship with Maddie is similar to Barry's with Princess Daisy in that when they both began their first official interaction with their respective love interest by using basketball (various games in Barry's case) as an excuse to spend time with them, even though they were doing poorly at them. Both boys were willing to go an extra mile to make a romantic gesture towards the girl they like; Josh was willing to play a game of treehouse horse with Maddie even though he was afraid of heights, while Barry was willing to open a time rift to retrieve Daisy's ballgown from 1522.  
  • He is very competitive. (Home Run-A-Rooney)
  • He first returns in Ex-A-Rooney, which is also his first appearance since SkyVolt-A-Rooney.
  • He likes how much different Steven's Point is to LA and thinks Cowbell Week is awesome. (Cowbell-A-Rooney)
  • Josh is sort of Diggie's replacement as Diggie appeared in seasons 1 to 3 as Maddie's boyfriend in the first two seasons and making a couple of appearances in the third season, then Josh appears in season 3 as Maddie's boyfriend.
  • It's assumed and shown by Josh's appearance that he is the same age as both Liv and Maddie, therefore he is about 18 in season 3 and 19 in season 4.
  • He has shown to be a romantic kind of guy.
  • Josh and Maddie break up in Choose-A-Rooney, but he isn't totally over her as stated in Friend-A-Rooney.
  • Josh loses his confidence in Friend-A-Rooney since he is depressed ever since his break up with Maddie.
  • Josh is shown to be very sensitive at heart since he was very heartbroken over his break up with Maddie when they broke up and looked devastated when he saw her looking lovingly at Diggie, to the point where he almost cried.
  • He appears in 10 episodes in season 3, being the main recurring character in that season.
  • Josh plays baseball, which is something his portrayer, Lucas Adams, does in real-life.
  • Josh forgets how to breathe in Friend-A-Rooney, due to not dealing well with his break up with Maddie.
  • He's a fast runner. (Friend-A-Rooney)
  • He seems to have a habit of talking in third person. (Home Run-A-Rooney and Friend-A-Rooney)
  • Whenever Josh can't focus properly, he either talks in a low or high voice as shown in Friend-A-Rooney.
  • Josh takes over Liv's role of SkyVolt in the finale of Voltage in SkyVolt-A-Rooney. This is to set up his appearance in season 4, as Voltage is moving to Hollywood, which is also his hometown.
  • He appears properly in part 1 of the season finale and makes a cameo appearance in part 2.
  • Even though Josh is really close friends with Liv, he appears to be much closer to Joey since they're best friends, as seen in Friend-A-Rooney.
  • He gets starstruck easily as seen in Ask Her More-A-Rooney and nervous easily as seen in, Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney, and Home Run-A-Rooney.
  • He can do magic tricks. (Scoop-A-Rooney)
  • He does a sport called box-lattes, which is a combination of boxing and polities. (Cowbell-A-Rooney)
  • He is shown to be a very laid-back kind of guy.
  • He has never been to Wisconsin before moving there.
  • He went back to California in SkyVolt-A-Rooney because Voltage moved there.
  • Josh seems to find it hard to act normal around other celebrities as seen in Ask Her More-A-Rooney, yet he seems fine around Liv. However, this is probably because Josh has spent a lot of time with Liv with Voltage and it took them both quickly to get used to each other and become close friends over the course of the season. In addition, Josh doesn't see Liv as a celebrity.
  • Its seen in Scoop-A-Rooney that Josh has an iPhone, assembly a 6.
  • Judging by how Liv stated that she ruined Voltage by leaving in Linda and Heather-A-Rooney, it's implied Josh as SkyVolt isn't well-received by fans.
    • It's then hinted in Scare-A-Rooney that Josh now plays a new character in Voltage since it is revealed that the original plotline for the show "went out the window". Said character probably isn't liked by fans.
  • Josh seems to look like a college student, in his 20's, possibly indicating he might be slightly older than his friends. However, this is due to Lucas Adams actually being 28 years old. Although there is a chance Josh might be a year older than Liv and Maddie, or if not, the same age.
  • He can do a good fancy guy impression. (Co-Star-A-Rooney).
  • Josh possibly start liking basketball after his lessons with Maddie.
  • Although Josh only appears as a cameo appearance in Californi-A-Rooney, he is credited as a normal recurring character instead of cameo.
  • It's possible Josh's background is British since Willcox is an English orientated surname.
  • Unlike Diggie, Josh is easily fooled when Liv impersonates Maddie, which is kind of ironic since Josh stated in Cowbell-A-Rooney that it wouldn't be too hard for him to tell Liv and Maddie apart. However, in Cowbell-A-Rooney, Josh was talking about Liv and Maddie's personalities and didn't know that they often pretended to be each other.
  • He and Joey have been making a movie and hanging out together since they both moved to LA.
  • Josh is mentioned in the last episode, End-A-Rooney, when Dump Truck says he prefers Maddie with Josh.


Season 3


Oh don't stop because of me.
Josh. Auditioning for the role of Garrison?
Yes! I am so excited to work with you.
I can also do a good fancy guy impression!


(smiling) It won't be too hard to tell you and Liv apart.
I don't know what that means, but it has me rattled.
I call this, awesome!
Yeah. So, Maddie. Is she dating anyone?
How could you not? She's adorable.

Ask Her More-A-Rooney

I'm on the red carpet with Kristen Bell!
I can't hold it in, we're at the Fan Pick Awards!


Liv, I'm here to ask Maddie out. Whoo!
(in pain) J-Man's gonna need a minute.
We kiss.


Hey Mr. Rooney. New beard? Looks tight.
So, I really like this girl, and she might like me back, but I'm not sure. What do I do?
I really like you, Maddie.
Thanks for the girl advice Mr. Rooney. Maddie and I are going on a date.

Home Run-A-Rooney

I have a daaaate! Whooo!
He's my all time favourite player.
Don't ever turn off your competitive fire. Its one of the things I like most about you.
I gotta hand it to you, Mads. You really know how to plan a date.


The mango brings out your eyes.
He's not wrong. You did not get the singing gene.
Is this your card?


Maddie, your boyfriend has brought the finest picnic the dairy belt has ever seen.
Hey, I'm Josh.
I don't love that Maddie's old boyfriend is back in town, but Mosh is rock solid. We've had two great months together and I brought a picnic full of space salads. That says commitment.
Wow. You look beautiful, Maddie.
(almost cries again) Its okay. I'll be alright.


I forgot how Garrison walks!
Ever since Maddie broke up with me to get back together with Diggie, I've.... kinda lost my confidence (looks down, heartbroken)
I'm back, Josh is back! I'm doing a victory lap around the stage.
(not breathing properly) What do I do with the air?

Season 4


Why would it be arkaward? We were friends before we dated, there's no reason we cant be friends now.
You totally burned us, nice!
Okay. I think its time to take a break.


Season 3

Season 4


Show or Movie Role Notes
Voltage Garrison/SkyVolt 2 TV Show, main cast
Jax & Max Max Von Pluto Movie, main role


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