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Linda and Heather-A-Rooney is the second episode in season 4 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on September 30, 2016.


Liv lands a small part on the hit show Linda and Heather, but her role turns out to be bigger than she could have ever imagined. Meanwhile, Joey has to deal with his relationship woes.[1]

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  • This is the first onscreen appearance of Linda and Heather after previously only being heard.
  • Emmy Buckner and Shelby Wulfert, Dove Cameron's doubles play Linda and Heather.
  • Linda and Heather are named after producers Linda Matthious and Heather MacGillvray, who also co-wrote this episode.
  • This is the first time we see Emmy and Shelby's faces on camera and the first time they have actual dialogue throughout the episode.
  • However, it can be noticed that Linda and Heather look very different from their dolls (that appeared in Kathy-Kan-A-Rooney.) While their style is seen to be futuristic and colorful, the dolls appear to have normal blonde and brown hair with normal dresses.
  • This is both Willow and Becky's first appearances in season 4.
  • In-universe, Linda and Heather are their actresses' actual names.
  • Liv mentions Voltage. She says she ruined two shows - Linda and Heather, and Voltage. Becky also mentions Voltage and Liv's exit.
  • Liv auditioned for another show where they were looking for a "Liv Rooney" type, but didn't get the part due to her exit from Voltage.
  • Lucas Adams is seen in an "after taping" photo for the episode[2], although Josh is not in the episode.
  • Liv is offered to reprise the role of Stephanie Einstein in Sing It Louder!! after her guest star appearance on Linda and Heather.
  • This is one of Dove Cameron's favourite episodes.
  • Karen wears the same outfit she wears in her season 4 promotional photo.
  • First Season 4 episode where Liv and Maddie don't interact at all.
    • The body doubles for Liv and Maddie don't appear, as they're portraying Linda and Heather
  • Joey and Willow had a similar breakup-get-back-together like Dez and Carrie (from Austin and Ally) had. Joey (Dez) misunderstood what Willow (Carrie) was saying. Willow (Carrie) misunderstood what Joey (Dez) was saying which causes Jillow (Darrie) to break up but they are actually still together.


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