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Liv: Hello my handsome date.
Holden: Hello my gorgeous gal.
Liv And Holden

Holden Dippledorf
Liv Rooney

Pairing Name



Close Friends
Possible Future Couple



Portrayed by

Jordan Fisher
Dove Cameron

Liv And Holden (also known as Lolden) was the romantic pairing between Liv Rooney and Holden Dippledorf. They are one of the main romantic couples on the show, along with Diggie and Maddie, and second most popular, as of season 3 after Josh and Maddie. They are portrayed by Jordan Fisher and Dove Cameron.

Relationship History

Liv and Holden met each other back when they were children in third grade. Liv held a grudge towards Holden for years as he stole her Goodbye Puppy Pen, but after reuniting with him when he came home from boarding school, he returned her pen, and Liv developed strong feelings towards him. Holden also came to realize that there was something more between him and Liv, although both of them were too afraid to confess their feelings. Liv attempted to do so, however, by planning to ask Holden to prom. Unfortunately, she was heartbroken when Andie, a very good friend of hers, beat her to it and began dating Holden. Liv was always nervous when she was around Holden, but decided to be a good friend to Andie and tried to keep her feelings for him buried.

The more time he spent with Andie, though, the more Holden was able to come to grips with his true feelings for Liv. The pair's feelings for each other kept growing stronger to the point where they almost shared their first kiss after singing a duet of 'True Love' together. Holden finally realized his true feelings for Liv in that they were much stronger than his for Andie, and decided to break up with Andie. To his misfortune, his original plan to end his relationship with Andie after The Dream's segment on Nimbus at Night did not work out as he accidentally ended things between them during the live segment. After the show, Liv and Holden finally admitted their feelings for each other. Sadly, Liv and Holden couldn't be together as Andie was already deeply upset from the breakup and them dating would only further upset her, leaving the pair heartbroken.

However, they retain their deep feelings for each other as Holden attempted to get closer to Liv by auditioning as her love interest in "Voltage". Sadly, Holden didn't get the part but told Liv that he would wait for her. Eventually, they officially become a couple in Coach-A-Rooney, after Andie assured Liv that she no longer had any romantic feelings towards Holden, thus allowing them to finally be together.

They were extremely happy upon finally getting together as they spent much time together, wanting to make up for all the time they had lost waiting to be with each other. However, their relationship sadly came to an end in Scoop-A-Rooney, after Liv lied about not having a boyfriend in an interview. While Liv explained to Holden she wanted to protect their relationship from the media, Holden became very upset with her and started to rethink their relationship. Eventually, everything worsened as the media released a photo of Josh and Maddie together, believing Maddie to be Liv and making everyone believe Liv and Josh were dating. While Liv promised Holden she would fix the situation, Maddie asked Liv to keep it a secret for the time being as she didn't want Diggie to discover the news of her relationship with Josh. Liv explained to Holden about what happened, but Holden was tired of having their relationship come second to everything else, causing him to break up with Liv. At the end of Scoop-A-Rooney Holden tells Liv he feels bad about breaking up the way they did and brings a cake as an apology to Liv while sitting on the porch swing of her house. Holden was sitting on her porch swing for 4 or 5 hours and Liv drove around his house 6 times. This proves as well they still have feelings as they feel bad.

Other Names

  • Livden (Liv and Hol/den)
  • Lilden (Li/v and Ho/lden)
  • Lolden (L/iv and H/olden) (official name)
  • Liven (Liv/ and Hold/en)
  • Lien (Li/v and Hold/en)
  • Liden (Li/v and Hol/den)
  • Holiv (Hol/den and L/iv)


Season 2


  • They met again after seeing themselves for the last time when they were 10.
  • They stare at each other while holding hands.
  • While talking to the audience she admits that he was kind of a cute pen-stealing jerk and giggles.
  • She called him "Hot and Hungry Holden" instead of "Hungry Hungry Holden".
  • Holden admits having a crush on Liv when they were in 3rd grade and that's why he stole Liv's Multicolor Goodbye Puppy pen.


  • She wrote a song about him.
  • Liv was about to ask Holden to prom, but Andie already asked him.
  • Liv cried when Andie left after she told her she asked Holden to go to prom with her.
  • They stare at each other when Liv gave Holden scissors.
  • Holden looks at Liv near the end of the song True Love.


  • Liv got lost in Holden's eyes.
  • Liv made an excuse not to go golfing with Andie when she found out Holden would be going with them.
  • Liv said she got the "crushies" every single time she was around Holden.


  • They argued like a married couple.
  • In their music video, Holden and Liv were under the umbrella with their hands close together.


Liv and Holden almost kiss.

  • They both sing True Love.
  • They looked into each other's eyes when they sang together.
  • They almost shared a kiss until Willow walked in and caught them.
  • While Liv, Holden, Willow, and Andie are on the Nimbus at Night Show, Nimbus realizes there is a couple among the group but believes it to be Liv and Holden.
  • Liv and Holden sit down together holding hands, while Holden is explaining his feelings.
  • Holden admits to Liv that he felt something more between them when he first came home.
  • Holden admits his true feelings to Liv.
  • Liv admits how she feels about Holden.
  • Both Liv and Holden are heartbroken when Liv says that she can't date him, due to hurting Andie's feelings.
  • Liv cried over Holden.

Season 3


  • Liv and Holden look into each other's eyes.
  • Holden auditions as Liv's love interest in Voltage.
  • Holden looks jealous when Liv is acting out the romantic scene with Josh.
  • Liv and Holden play out a romantic scene where Liv says that their characters can't be together but he says that he'll wait for her.
  • Holden doesn't get the part as he can't bring himself to be mad at Liv.
  • When Liv compliments Holden for his acting skills for the romantic scene they did together, Holden admits to Liv that he wasn't acting when he said them and admits that he'll wait for her.


Holden catches Liv.

  • Liv and Holden's costumes were from the same fairytale.
  • They were in New York City at the same time.
  • Liv admits she still likes Holden.
  • Liv said it's great to see Holden.
  • Holden wanted to hang out with Liv.
  • They agreed to not make things awkward.
  • They wanted to do a "back to being friends" hug.
  • Liv playfully punched Holden when he made a bad joke.
  • Holden caught Liv when she was going to fall.
  • They were about to kiss.
  • Holden spun Liv during the flash mob.
  • They were going to hug after the flash mob but then didn't.
  • Holden said he had fun hanging out with Liv.
  • He asked her to share a meal with him.
  • Liv gave Holden a hug.


Liv and Holden finally become a romantic couple.

  • Andie says that Liv and Holden have everything in common.
  • Liv says that she and Holden are meant to be together.
  • Andie assures Liv that she can date Holden.
  • Liv asks Holden on a date.
  • Liv and Holden finally and officially become a couple.
  • Liv and Holden share two long hugs.
  • Liv describes all the romantic things she and Holden plan to do on their first date.
  • Holden arrives at Liv's house with flowers for her.
  • Liv is sadly forced to cancel her date with Holden because of a problem with Parker's art project.
  • Holden makes a redo date by instead watching a movie and having pizza.
  • Holden admits to Liv that anytime he gets to spend with her is special.
  • Liv and Holden almost kiss.
  • Liv and Holden call their first date the "best second date ever" because Liv said that pizza and a movie is more like a second date while she was talking to Holden on the phone.


  • Holden called Liv his girlfriend.
  • Liv put her head on his shoulder.
  • They hugged.


  • Holden taught Liv how to play the guitar.
  • They both had their series of first as a couple.
  • They both tutored Parker in Show Choir.
  • Both Liv and Holden called each other babe and baby.


Liv and Holden after breaking up

  • They are watching TV together.
  • Holden asks Liv why she has lied about them dating and becomes upset with her.
  • Liv tells Holden she will sort the problem out for him.
  • Holden tells Liv that he wants to be her guy.
  • Holden breaks up with Liv, both are devastated.
  • Holden holds Liv's hand when he breaks up with her.
  • Liv cries after Holden breaks up with her.
  • Holden tears up and comes close to crying.
  • Liv drives past Holden's house six times.
  • Holden sits on Liv's porch for hours and brings her chocolate molten lava cake.
  • Holden and Liv both feel bad about the break-up.
  • They hug when Holden shows up at Liv's door.
  • They call each other their gorgeous gal and handsome date.
  • They plan to go on a date.

Season 4


  • They hugged.
  • Liv acted nervous around Holden
  • Holden seemed concerned for Liv because of her voice
  • Liv smiled at Holden when she was singing
  • Holden asked Liv to call him if she's ever in New York.


  • Liv's Multicolor Goodbye Puppy pen is one of the trademarks because when Holden gives Liv the pen back, Holden admits he had a crush on Liv. The episodes are Neighbors-A-Rooney and Triangle-A-Rooney, Neighbors because they met again recently, and Triangle because Holden realizes he likes Liv and they almost kiss while singing True Love. The other episode is Prom-A-Rooney cause Liv wrote a song about him called True Love about how she lost her chance with him.
  • Lolden's color is blue. When they admitted how they felt towards each other, they were both wearing blue. Liv was wearing a blue blazer and Holden was wearing blue jeans. When Liv asked Holden out on a date, Liv was wearing a blue blazer again and Holden was wearing a blue denim shirt.
  • Their number is 9 because Holden has 6 letters in his name and Liv has 3. 6+3=9.



Liv: Oh hi officer! Oh! You're not the police!
Holden: Wait! Liv, it's Holden Dippledorf from across of the street.
Liv: Yes! Hungry, hungry Holden who used to eat paste! Ha! I thought you moved away to boarding school.

Holden: Well I'm back for the weekend and I've cut my paste consumption way down!

Holden: Whatcha doing guys?
Liv: Haha, hey Holden.... *puts a blanket on*
Holden: I can still see you.

Liv: I know.
Liv: [confessional]: He's still a pen-stealing jerk...he's just kind of a cute pen-stealing jerk.

Holden: Look, you have to get that thing back before the wake ends.
Liv: Okay, can we have your help though? Okay, get in there, Hottie Hungry Holden.
Holden: I thought I was Hungry, hungry Holden.

Liv: What? No. Yes. That's what it is. That's what I said. That's your name. Let's go!


Holden Nice welcome for the new kid.
Liv: Holden uh! uhm

Liv [confessional]: Holden Dippledorf is my super cute neighbor who goes to a different school. Did I mention he's super cute? Because if I didn't you should know that he's suuuper cute.
Liv: So what are you doing at Ridgewood?

Holden: I'm going to Ridgewood High now.
Liv: AAH So you are going you are going Ridgewood (nervous laugh) you are gonne be with me, YOU ARE GONNA BE WITH US EVERYDAY.
Holden: I have to check into the office, which is?

Liv:Oh! It's that way...No, it's that way. Hahaha, ok, bye!


Holden: Hey Andie. Hey Liv.
Liv: Hey Holden.
Andie: Liv is going mini golfing with us after school.
Holden: Oh awesome!

Liv: Oh, haha we're going with Holden!

Liv: Don't forget the stuff.
Maddie: Crushies?
Liv: I don't want to talk about it.
Maddie: Okay. Three, two, one.

Liv: Course I've got the Crushies Maddie! It happens every single time I'm around Holden, and I want to hang out with Andie, it's just aha, she's always with him.


Liv: (Opens Door) Holden.
Holden: I need to talk to you.
Karen: I'll give you guys some privacy.
Liv: What were you thinking?! How could you do that to Andie?!
Holden: I never meant for it to happen like that. I was gonna break it off with her after the show but when Nimbus put me on the spot, I couldn't lie. I have feelings for someone else.
Liv: Holden, I...
Holden: Let me finish. (Takes Liv's hand and sits on stairs) When I first moved back home, I felt something between you and me, but I wasn't really sure how you were feeling and then Andie asked me to prom and she's....great. But the more time I spent with her, the more I realized, she's not the one for me. (Takes Liv's hand) Liv, I like you.
Liv: Holden, I really like you too. (Tears Up) You're a really great guy, but...
Holden: But?
Liv: But you know I can't date you. I mean, Andie's my friend and she's hurting a lot right now and I'm not just gonna hurt her more. You know? Friends don't do that to each other. I'm sorry.
Holden: (Looks Heartbroken) I understand.
Liv: Okay.
Holden: Okay. (Gets up and leaves)
Liv: (Starts tearing up)
Karen: Okay I'm not gonna lie, I listened to that entire conversation.
Liv: Did I do the right thing?

Karen: Yes! You're a good friend!


Holden: You know what? I can't. I can't hate this girl.

Liv: So, that first scene that you did was really amazing. Who knew you were such a good actor?

Holden: I wasn't acting. I'll wait for you, as long as it takes.


Liv: [confessional]: So, what are the odds that the guy that I like but have been avoiding because he dated my friend Andie would show up in New York on Halloween at the same event wearing a costume from the same fairy-tale as me? Apparently 100 percent.


Andie: I mean, you probably have more in common with Holden than I ever did.
Liv: What do I have in common with Holden?
Liv:[confessional]: Besides everything because we are meant to be together.

Andie: Are you kidding me? You guys both like the same music, the same movies, the same books (Gasps) Liv, you should totally go out with Holden!

Holden: Liv? You need something?
Liv: Yes, you.
Holden: What?
Liv: Holden, will you go out with me?
Holden: Seriously? I thought you said we couldn't date because you didn't wanna hurt Andie.
Liv: Well, I know but actually Andie was the one who told me to come over here and do this. It turns out she doesn't care about you like at all. So, will you go out with me?

Holden: Yes. Yes, I'll absolutely go out with you, I don't want wanna wait another minute, come on let's go.


Holden: Hey Liv. Hey, check you out. My girlfriend is a superhero.


Holden: There you go, that's a G chord.

Liv: (Gasps) It's our first G chord as a couple!


Liv: Hello my handsome date.

Holden: Hello my gorgeous gal.


  • Fans who ship them together are called "Lolden Shippers".
  • They met again in Neighbors-A-Rooney.
  • They have strong romantic feelings for each other.
  • They admitted their feelings to each other in Triangle-A-Rooney.
  • They officially became a couple in Coach-A-Rooney.
  • Maddie ships Lolden as proved in Coach-A-Rooney.
  • Cyd and Shelby are shown to ship Lolden in Haunt-A-Rooney.
  • Both Liv and Holden have done show choir at some point being at Ridgewood High.
  • They are almost exactly the same to Jasmine and Logan (Jogan) from another Disney Channel show, I Didn't Do It, because of their relationship drama of wanting to be together when they couldn't be, they are both shipped together by their friends, they've both ended up heartbroken over each other, and then they end up together like they wanted to in the first place. The only differences are that Jasmine and Logan have an arc, full of episodes focused on their relationship, they've shared their first kiss and have admitted to loving each other, but Liv and Holden haven't done any of these things. Plus, Jasmine and Logan ended up together, but Liv and Holden didn't.
  • Lolden was voted as one of the cutest couples on TV, along with Mosh. [1]
  • They are the second most popular pairing on the show after Mosh.

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