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On the wiki, there are different types of rights entitled to different users that make up our staff. There is bureaucrat, administrator, rollback, and chat moderator. This is where you can find out how to have your rights promoted to one of these titles

What are the different user rights?

Administrators- Administrators are user who run and maintain the wiki. They have the right to block other users, lock pages, edit the wiki interface, delete pages, comments, etc., edit MediaWiki pages, edit all pages, comments, etc., highlight threads, and have access to certain special pages. Administrators must also inforce the wiki rules and act upon all violations. In addition, administrators also help make the wiki a better place and help it grow.

Bureaucrats- A bureaucrat is the head admin of the wiki. Bureaucrats must be admins to be bureaucrat. They have all the same rights as administrators except they also have the ability to make other users admin. Bureaucrats are not too much higher in power than regular admins. They just maintain the admin team and keep the it in place. Bureaucrats also are the most trusted admins on the wiki. There are usually one to three bureaucrats.

Rollbacks- Rollbacks are users who have the ability to revert all vandalism done by a user in one click. They are also intrusted with the responsibility to scope out vandalism and violations and report it to administrators as soon as possible.

Chat moderators- Chat moderators are users who take of the wiki chat and ban/kick disrupting users. Chat moderators have the ability to kick users out of chat and to ban users from chat. Being a chat moderator is a very hard job and is harder than people think.

How can I apply for a position?

To apply for a position, please refer to the navigation at the top of this page, find the position you wish to apply for and read all about how to apply!