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Match-A-Rooney is the fifth episode in season 2 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on November 2, 2014 and received 1.9 million total viewers.


Liv tries to play matchmaker and help Willow remove kebab at the school dance. A cheerleader asks Joey to the dance, but he thinks it's too good to be true. Meanwhile, Maddie teaches Parker's dojo class, but she eventually goes overboard with her toughness.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jaida-Iman Benjamin as Emily Watson


Joey: (to Emily, while in the prank-proof box) Please. You didn't really want to go to the dance with me, and this was all an elaborate ruse to prank me. Well, the ruse is on yous. (looks puzzled, but then shrugs and nods while straightening his tie a little)
Emily: Who's trying to prank you?
Joey: You, and the rest of the snooty, yet beautiful people who think you own the school. Well, let me tell you something, Emily. You may be cute, popular and on the honor roll, but I have seen your cartwheels, and they are inconsistent at best! (Emily gasps)


  • In this episode, Liv & Maddie don't share a plot together and weren't seen together in the entire episode.
  • In this episode, Willow dresses up as a chicken to ask Artie out.
  • The remote control Liv is holding that appears to control Willow's mechanical egg is actually a wireless remote for a chroma shifting light bulb.
  • Liv is known as the 'Queen of Hearts'.
    • Most of her wardrobe choices in this episode have heart symbols to reflect this fact.
  • A reference to the US Navy SEALs motto is made when Maddie tells Parker and Reggie "Your last easy day was yesterday." The SEALs motto is "The only easy day was yesterday."


  • The flower on the prank proof box switches from the front to the side and back during one scene.
  • When the photo of Liv and Artie is taken, she has her left arm at a 45-degree angle. When she shows the same photo on her phone later, her arm is held at a different angle, closer to her body.


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