You couldn't look more perfect.
— Parker to Val in Stand-Up-A-Rooney
Parker and Val
Val and Parker in the Science Lab

Parker Rooney
Val Wishart

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Close Friends
Academic Rivals
Dance Dates

Portrayed by

Tenzing Norgay Trainor
Chloe East

Parker and Val is the relationship between Parker Rooney and Val Wishart. They are Science rivals. Val is Parker's first genuine crush. She calls him "Pucker" because of a name pronunciation mistake. Stand-Up-A-Rooney is the first episode to really focus on their relationship when Parker accidentally asks Val to the school dance, thinking he has asked her to be his partner for a biochemistry competition. Val accepts and she and Parker go to the dance together, showing they have feelings for each other. In Ex-A-Rooney, they hugged for the first time. They seem to be dating in End-A-Rooney.

Other Names

  • Varker (Val+Parker)
  • Pal (Val+Parker) (name used in the show)
  • Valker (Val+Parker)



  • They first meet.
  • Parker seemed impressed by Val's laser she built.


  • Parker (and Joey) wants to show Val (and their other classmates) the true meaning of Halloween
  • Val seems impressed by the way Parker (and Joey) scared everyone.
  • It seemed like Parker was trying to make Halloween fun for Val the most
  • Their hands touched when Parker was giving Val the remote.


  • Parker asks Val to the school dance when he realizes this instead of asking her to be his partner in a science competition, but they both end up going to the dance.
  • Parker pauses when Liv asked him if he liked Val ("No...").
  • Parker also paused when Liv asked him if he wanted to go to the dance. ("No...")
  • Liv tells Parker to show up and go to the dance with Val no matter what.
  • Parker also seemed disappointed when Val showed up in a lab coat.
  • Val and Parker both wanted to go to the dance together.
  • Val agrees to go the dance with Parker and he seems amazed by her in a dress.
  • They attend the dance together and enjoy it.
  • Liv seems to be a Pal shipper and gets excited about them going to the dance together.
  • They link arms when entering the school for the dance.
  • Parker gets Val a corsage.
  • They smile sweetly at each other.
  • This is the first episode to really focus on their relationship.
  • Val asks Parker what he thinks of her in the dress.
  • Parker calls Val perfect and she squeals.
  • Parker was shocked she said his catchphrase "Challenge Accepted!"
  • Val now gets why he says that.
  • Val said he wasn't a bad dancer.
  • Val was hoping he asked her to the dance.
  • Parker asked her what she wanted to do after the dance.
  • They were both thinking to do the chemistry challenge after the dance.
  • Parker was smiling when Val took off the lab coat and was wearing a dress.
  • Parker put the corsage on her.
  • Val was blushing when Parker asked if she wanted to go to the science challenge, but maybe she thought he was asking her to the dance, and if he did then she would have said yes.


  • They work on a chemistry project together.
  • Val smiles at Parker when he says "Their both geniuses."
  • Val thanks him for letting her work with him at his house.
  • Parker has an weird uncomfortable look when Val says "One of them even poops with the door open."
  • Parker says "Psh, who does that?"
  • Parker looked uncomfortable when Maddie acts weird around Val.
  • They were skateboarding together.
  • Val compliments Parker by saying he's really good in that skateboard and Parker smiles and blushes.
  • Parker was worried and he didn't want to leave Val outside alone with Maddie.
  • Parker told Liv off screen how Maddie acts around Val.
  • Parker got Val lemonade offscreen.
  • Liv tells Maddie that Val is Parker's first crush.
  • Val asks Parker (and Maddie) to the Laker's game.
  • They sit very close together when they're working together.
  • Val puts her hand on Parker's shoulder when working on the project with him.
  • Parker says "We're just friends-ish" to Maddie showing/hinting he wants to be more than friends with her, but they haven't decided yet.
  • Val smiled at Parker when he says he got Joey to hug a cactus.
  • They were standing next to each other when Artie revealed who Joey really was.
  • They greeted each other when Parker opened the door.
  • Parker and Val had plans to go to the Lakers game in a skybox.
  • They go to a Lakers game together (with Maddie).
  • Parker was informed that he would be going to the Lakers game before she invited Maddie to come along with them.
  • Maddie tells Parker that Val is perfect for him and not to mess it up.


  • They exchange a hug once they kill Parker's cacticado.
  • Val says they make a good team.
  • Val say she would bring a picture of Parker with her when she won the Mars Madness.
  • Parker said that he would like to be the 'king' of Mars and Val said she would like to be the 'Queen' of Mars and kings and queens are usually married. Even though they said this separately, it shows they think alike.
  • Parker called Val project for the Mars Madness "kinda cool".
  • Val pinched Parker's cheek and told him his plant was super cute.
  • Parker said that he underestimated Val.
  • He also said that she draws him in with that smile, meaning that he may find Val attractive.
  • It seems that Val was trying to get Parker off track with her smile, so maybe she knows that Parker thinks that she's pretty.
  • It seems like Val was waiting on Parker to check on his project.
  • They're both think each other is nervous, because the other one might beat them.
  • Parker holds the door open for Val, which is usually a gentlemanly thing to do.
  • They were both scared when they saw the big plant.
  • They were both locked in the science lab.
  • Parker was going to let Val say his "challenge accepted".
  • When Parker and Val were disagreeing on who should say challenge accepted they kept talking like how a girlfriend or boyfriend would say " no you hang up first"
  • When Parker was kicking the soccer ball he ask to Val like "Are you impressed?"
  • Parker and Val had a quick hug before it became awkward for them.
  • Parker says that him and Val team up to try to win Mars Madness together.
  • Parker use their ship name Pal. It seems like Val did not like the ship name.
  • After Parker says that it becomes awkward again.
  • This episode focus on Parker and Val's relationship since it has a lot of moments between the two.
  • They were both smiling at each other a lot this episode.
  • They both can name things good, like "cactiocado, "val venom" and Dr.P's Tube of Terror".

Tiny House-A-Rooney

  • Before Val help Maddie and Willow with the Tiny House, she was asking and looking for Parker.


  • Val introduced them as Team Pal.
  • Parker had a confused look on his face when she said that and though she hated that name.
  • Val said "A girl can change her mind."
  • Val calls Parker her sidekick.
  • Parker had a defensive look on his face when she called him that.
  • When Val tells Parker that Evan is a dream killing assassin, he nods his head.
  • When Val says Evan is adorable and still has to destroy him, he nods his head.
  • They both wore team T-shirts.
  • They both wore purple.
  • When Parker says "Lets do this, Team Pal!" he want them to high five.
  • Val says she doesn't like it anymore.
  • Parker has an annoyed look on face and tells her to make up her mind.
  • When Parker makes a comment at Artie, Val smiles, laughs and nods.
  • Parker tells Val to work on the antenna and he'll work on the transmitter, she nods.
  • Val sees him scratching and asks him why he isn't working on the transmitter.
  • Parker tells her "I'm sorry, I'm just so itchy , I don't know what's going on."
  • Val is concerned and looks on the back of his neck.
  • Val tells him he's covered in hives.
  • Val asks him if that's what happens in pressure situations.
  • Val tells him she can't go to space with this.
  • Parker has an offensive and sorry look on his face and keeps scratching when she says she can't go to space with this.
  • Val asks him if he's done with the transmitter.
  • Parker tells her everytime he puts a piece together he has to stop and scratch.
  • Parker asks her if she can help him.
  • Val tells him she can't build an antenna and a transmitter at the same time.
  • Parker tells her he can't scratch and build a transmitter at the same time.
  • Parker smiles at Val when he tells Val to push the button.
  • Parker smiles and says their going to the Bio-Dome.
  • They won Mars Madness together.
  • They high fived each other when the won Mars Madness.
  • Val smiles and says "Go Team Pal!"
  • When Val says "Go Team Pal!", Parker says she's just messing with him.
  • In this episode, they said Team Pal 3 times.


  • Val runs excitedly to Parker.
  • Val smiles and asks Parker if he's heard the news.
  • Parker smiles and responds "That were gonna be the best looking couple in the Bio-Dome?"
  • Val has a confused look on her face and says "Couple?"
  • Parker says "Team! I meant Team!", indicating he made a Freudian Slip.
  • Parker asks her what's the news
  • Val tells him "Read his emails, Dude."
  • Val asks if he's okay when she notices something wrong.
  • Parker smiles and responds "Never better, baby.
  • Parker notices and realizes what he said and he says "I mean Val. I don't know what I mean!" and walks out the room.
  • Val says "Boys are weird."
  • It's possible Parker texted or called Val and invited her to the campfire.
  • They are sitting next to each other on a log.
  • They both say no when Karen asks if they want to see her silly walk.
  • When Parker says "My middle name is...." Val looks at him interested.
  • Parker tells smiling "Nah, I'm just kidding she's never finding out." Val smiles at him.
  • They both looked creeped and weirded out when Joey says he watches Parker while Parker is sleeping.
  • Parker reaches for Val's hand when he's looking at Liv.
  • Val smiles and intertwined's her hand with his.
  • They acted like they were dating at the campfire.
  • They holds hands romantically when the episode ends.

Similarities and Differences


  • They're both the 15.
  • They both attend BOOMS.
  • They're both geniuses.
  • They both love science.
  • They both have brown hair.
  • They are both great at chemistry.
  • They both have feelings for each other.
  • They both have at least 3 siblings.
  • They both seem to be good skaters as seen in Falcon-A-Rooney.
  • They both entered the Mars Madness competition together as partners.
  • They both won the Mars Madness Competition together as partners.
  • They both are going to the Mars Bio-Dome.


  • Parker is male and Val is female.
  • Val is from California, but Parker is from Wisconsin.
  • Val has blue eyes and Parker has brown eyes.


  • They first met in Sorta-Sisters-A-Rooney.
  • They are academic rivals in science.
  • They both attend BOOMS.
  • Val is Parker's first genuine crush.
  • They have a "flirtation-ship" throughout the season.
  • They are lab partners in Falcon-A-Rooney and in Ex-A-Rooney.
  • Val mistook Parker's name as "Pucker"
  • Stand-Up-A-Rooney was the first episode to really focus on their relationship.
  • They have feelings for each other as seen in Stand-Up-A-Rooney.
  • They attended the school dance together in Stand-Up-A-Rooney.
  • Liv ships them together. Technically, their relationship is because Liv sort of forced it.
  • Shelby Wulfert and Dove Cameron both ship Pal.[1][2]
  • They are partners in the Mars Madness competition.
  • Maddie didn't approve of their relationship at first, but after the invitation to the Lakers game, she now ships them.
  • The only times the ship name "Pal" was used was in Ex-A-Rooney, where Val finds it ridiculous, and in Voice-A-Rooney where Val switches back and forth multiple times deciding if she likes it or not which confuses Parker.
  • They seem to be the second most popular pairing in the show, next to Mosh.
  • They seem to be dating in the final episode.


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