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Ridgewood High
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Ridgewood High School was the high school that Liv, Maddie, Joey, and Parker attended. Their school's mascot is the Fighting Porcupine.

Known Staff

Former Staff

  • Karen Rooney was the school psychologist in Season One, and was the vice principal in season 2 and 3.
  • Pete Rooney was the coach in seasons 1-3 but got transferred to Beloit University.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Ridgewood mascot

Former Students

Former staff

Pete Rooney was the school basketball coach.

Cowbell Week

Start of Coebell Week

Most of the activities at Ridgewood High seem to revolve around sports. However during a period where no athletic activity is available, the school has an activity called "Cowbell Week" (see Cowbell-A-Rooney). Cowbell Week is an activity where students run around with cowbells tied to straps that they throw around random students. Once a student gets a cowbell around his or her neck, he or she is required to imitate cattle and wear that cowbell for the duration of the game. No method of belling a student is illegal, providing it doesn't cause any injuries in the process.
When the last two students are unbelled, the winner is decided by a ceremony called "Night of the Cowbell" where players have to jump on a springboard and place a bell around a basketball hoop with a felt cow head over the basket. If both players succeed in belling the cow, the basketball hoop is raised for another round, and more if necessary.


  • The school's mascot is the Fighting Porcupine.
  • The Fighting Porcupine has its own statue in the school and appears on the back of the basketball team's uniform. 
  • The school's colours are purple, blue, and white.
  • The school mascot's name is Paulie, the Fighting Porcupine.
  • The school's mascot was temporarily changed to Bobby the Butterstick by Principal Kneebauer.
  • Liv, Maddie and Willow all graduated from Ridgewood High in SkyVolt-A-Rooney.
  • The graduation gowns are purple as seen in SkyVolt-A-Rooney.
  • It is last seen in SkyVolt-A-Rooney.
  • It's the first school shown in the show, the second being BOOMS.


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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