Sorta-Sisters-A-Rooney is the first episode in season 4 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on September 23rd, 2016.


Liv, Maddie and the rest of the Rooney family are excited to start their new life in California. As the school year begins, the Rooneys' cousin, Ruby, returns home from a summer trip. Excited to have "sort-of" siblings, Ruby can't wait to finally be a sister, but finds herself in the middle of a sister-fight between Liv and Maddie. Meanwhile, Joey and Parker attend their new science and technology school and their experience is not what they expected.

Episode Summary

The Rooneys are now living at their Aunt Dena's house in Los Angeles, except Pete Rooney, because Karen mentioned that he is back coaching for Beloit. It is also mentioned that their house in Wisconsin is under re-construction. Liv and Maddie met their new "sorta sister" Ruby. Ruby is excited to finally have siblings and Liv and Maddie are excited to have a little sister. But Liv tells Ruby she's creeped out of Diggie's velvet painting and asks Ruby to destroy it. Ruby acquiesces, but when she is about to do it, she saw how important it is to Maddie so she said if it makes her sorta sister happy, then she cannot destroy it. While leaving Maddie's room, she accidentally breaks the "Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice" painting. She and Maddie try to patch it up and keep it a secret to Liv. Meanwhile, in B.O.O.M.S, their expectations became opposite: Parker thinks he can be the coolest guy like he was in Ridgewood High and Joey thinks he's going to be uncool. Turns out, when Aunt Dena unlocked his falcon spirit animal, he became cool to everyone and Parker is shadowed. But he had Parker's back and tells everyone to give him another chance. Meanwhile, Ruby cannot take the pressure of keeping secrets and tells both Liv and Maddie what happened. At the end, Ruby, Liv, and Maddie remake a new painting that says "Sorta Sisters By Chance, Friends by Choice". Then, a package arrives from Wisconsin. When Liv opens it, it's revealed to be a velvet picture of Artie. She screams and tells everyone to get away from the painting.


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  • This is the season 4 premiere.
  • This is the final season premiere of the series.
  • This episode introduces Ruby, who is a main character this season. Coincidentally, Ruby is the main character in this episode, as it focuses on her learning to adjust to sisterhood. 
  • This is the fourth episode where the A-plot focuses on a character besides Liv and Maddie, after Detention-A-RooneyCowbell-A-Rooney, and Friend-A-Rooney.
  • First appearance of BOOMS; Joey and Parker's new STEM school.
  • Joey adapts the nickname and persona "Falcon" in this episode. He is called this nickname by fellow BOOMS students in subsequent episodes, though Parker is the only one who knows that the persona is a facade.
  • because Parker and Joey causes the destruction of the house, they had to do chores for punishment and Liv and Maddie keep bringing up the incident.
  • This is Aunt Dena's first appearance in season 4.
  • The cast shot this episode on February 23rd, 2016.[1]
  • The set is very similar to one used in the former Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana season 1-3, but they haven't used the same set since both shows have been taped in different studios.
  • This is the first episode with the new title for the show, Liv and Maddie: Cali Style.
  • The original script had Parker misnamed as "Barker" instead of "Pucker".
  • This is the first episode in season 4 without Pete Rooney, due to Benjamin King leaving the show.
  • Maddie has a velvet painting of Diggie, that was painted by Diggie himself for Maddie. Liv found it to be creepy-looking and wanted it destroyed.]
  • Pete, Artie and Diggie are all mentioned.
  • Season 4 has a new theme song, since it is now called Liv & Maddie: Cali Style.


1.) When Ruby was explaining something about her jungle trip, she was looking to Liv and laughing at the same time. On the next cut, she was looking directly to the ground.


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New Season! Liv and Maddie Cali Style Disney Channel

New Season! Liv and Maddie Cali Style Disney Channel

Liv And Maddie Cali Style - Sorta Sisters-a-Rooney - EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Liv And Maddie Cali Style - Sorta Sisters-a-Rooney - EXCLUSIVE CLIP