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I'm sorry my plan kinda backfired and blew up in our faces today.
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Team-A-Rooney is the second episode in Season 1 of Liv and Maddie. It first aired on September 15, 2013 to 3.60 million viewers.


Maddie is named the captain of the girls’ basketball team just as the school principal announces he is cutting funding for the program. Determined to change his mind, Maddie voices her concern to the principal, only to realize her team has abandoned her. Frustrated with her lack of leadership skills, Maddie turns to Liv to help her earn the team’s respect. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey are challenged trying to find a bevy of tarantulas that escaped after Parker brought them home from school, unbeknownst to their mom.

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Memorable Quotes

Pete: Parker, what do you want in your lunch? Apple or banana?
Parker: Keep going until you get to cupcake!
Karen: You know, this is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to stand to eat your breakfast. Joey, get her a seat.
Joey: [walks and picks up trashcan for Liv] Welcome home, Hollywood.
Maddie: [confessional] Basketball is my life! And being named captain of the team was huge for me! And I might have played it cool in front of the girls on the team but I also may have gone home and squealed in my closet. Eee!
Liv: [confessional] While I was away, Maddie got to be really good friends with her basketball teammates. Sweet girls but they're all kind of like the before in a makeover show. What? It means they have potential!
Maddie: Liv, what are you doing in here?
Liv: Oh, I don't sleep in bags.
Liv: Ooh, fabosh! We are now officially ready for step two.
Maddie: Remind me what step two is again.
Principal: Okay make way people, I have to get to the yearbook folks and tell them I'm just gonna print last year's edition again. Sorry ninth graders, you lose.
Joey: [laughs] Wait, I'm a ninth-grader. That was the best yearbook picture I ever taken, wait, please stop, no!
Maddie: We really have to thank Liv. [walks over to Liv] I can't believe I'm saying this but you are the best teammate I've ever had. I mean I never could have rallied the team without you!

Liv: Maddie that's so sweet...we both know I'm quitting though, right?

Maddie: I already cleaned out your fake locker. [smiles and turns to the team] Alright Fighting Porcupines, let's bounce!


  • Team-A-Rooney is the first episode about Maddie and her team.
  • Joey calls Liv "Hollywood" in this episode.
  • It was revealed that Joey is in the 9th grade.
  • This episode was the first to not feature Diggie.
  • The opening scene of the episode appears to take place the first morning that Liv is home from Hollywood even though the previous episode, Twin-A-Rooney, took place over several days. This must mean that the opening scene is set sometime before the rest of the episode.
  • This episode was promoted as the series premiere.
  • This is the first appearance of Willow.


  • When the tarantulas are crawling up Karen's back, there are 5. However, there were 6 and Parker had found 3 of them, so there could not have been 5 loose.
  • When Stains yells "tarantula" it's very loud but Pete and Karen don't hear it.


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